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Plans & Prices

The Avalon Systems server co-location program is one of the best in the industry. We manage and support your servers in our secure Telco-grade data center, so that you may concentrate on your core business. We offer generous amounts of bandwidth and IP numbers at some of the most attractive prices around. All servers are connected straight to a 100mbps switched port, which is served by our multi-homed backbone. 

Account Pricing

Each co-location account includes the following at no additional cost:

  • Connected to a 100mbps switched port.

  • 4 IP's per server

  • 24/7/365 status monitoring-will email when down

  • Setup fee plus first month in advance is due to activate.

Co-location per server

  • 1U Co-location $89/monthly, $100/setup

  • $40/monthly for each additional U above a 1U

Rack Rental

  • 11U (quarter rack) $200/monthly, $100/setup

  • 22U (half rack) $350/monthly, $100/setup

  • 42U (full rack) $600/monthly, $100/setup

Rack Rental Notes

  • When hosting multiple units on the rack rental plans a Hub or switch will be required.

  • Rack Rental will be allotted 6 amps per 11U, additional amps may be purchased at $5.00/mo per amp. Most installs do not surpass this limit.

Bandwidth Pricing Chart
Bandwidth Monthly
1 Mbps Unmetered $40
10 Mbps Unmetered $400

Additional Services:

Service Setup Monthly
Technical Support $0 $80/hr.