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Why Co-locate?


  Companies with mission critical Web Server needs experience three significant obstacles when attempting to maintain their own mission critical Internet connectivity:

  Connectivity: Mission critical connectivity demands multiple redundant connections. Managing these connections   requires technical expertise in understanding BGP4 routing, TCP/IP and other Internet protocol, which does not exist with most IS personnel. In addition, transit and peering redundancies can be costly or simply not possible.

  Facility: The costs involved in constructing a facility with fail safe redundancy at every potential point of failure, and 24 x 7 operation can be staggering.

  Service: Again, 24 x 7 operation and specialized expertise can be costly and technically overwhelming. Quite simply, maintaining a mission critical  Web Server distracts businesses from their core competency and dilutes their business focus..

What is Outsourcing?

  Outsourcing allows a company to avoid the major expenses associated with developing and maintaining areas of their business that fall outside their core competency. The typical access or content providers are concentrating on their core businesses, and have neither the ability nor the desire to spend the capital to develop the infrastructure to provide Class ”A”, telco grade facilities with fire protection, D.C. clean power with backup, redundant connections, peering arrangements, 24x7 technical management procedures, and more.

Who Should Co-locate?

  With a web server connection to the Internet 24 x 7, the better question is, “Who does not need to Co-Locate?”

  The fact is that from a cost, reliability and technical service standpoint, practically every company with an Internet presence should consider Co-Location of their web server or other Internet equipment.

  Internet Centric Businesses such as:

  • Content providers

  • Presence providers (Web hosting service)

  • Access providers (ISPs, IAPs, POPs...)

  • Commerce servers

  • Service providers (search engine, news...)

  • Mission critical servers (intranet, extranet...)

  • High bandwidth (Audio, Video streaming...)